The JavaMOO Mooadmin Home Page

Below you will find access to the deliverables of the new Dollar Bay client and the new JavaMOO server.
Some of these materials are password protected.

The JavaMOO Virtual Cell client can be downloaded from the vcell pages.

To install and run the Dollar Bay (ver. 2.x) client:
Current server list: DollarBay, GovSch2

  1. Click on the DBayClient Zipfile Folder link, choose the most recent version, and download the ZIP file
  2. Extract the files
  3. Double-click the start_client.bat file

Click on the DBayClient Installer Folder, download the most recent version, and run the installer.
There is also a Java Web Start version available that may run more slowly, but will keep you up-to-date automatically.

New!JavaMOO Server Package
Windows Version (Beta 1) Unix/Linux/MacOS X Version (Beta 1)

The Dollar Bay BUG reporting forum is here.

Note: in order for this to work, Java must be installed on your machine (the cluster machines all have this).
If nothing happens when you launch the client (or you see a very brief black window) this is a sign that Java is not installed.
If this is the case, you will need to get the free download from

The latest and greatest and probably untested code for the client is located at ~mooadmin/dbayDevel/ rather than here.

The The General JavaMOO project message board is here

The JavaMOO documentation and White paper WILL BE here.

date: 2Sep04; 24Jun04; 20Apr04; contact: